:: shedule ::

:: Friday

MR Quadruped (long distance throws)
With the European record holder Ji Pisko - 88 m


:: Saturday

MR Super Pro Toss and Fetch (fast frisbee retrieving)
With the World champion Lucie Schnov.


:: Sunday

MR Freestyle
Top 22 teams from CZ and sourrounding countries. With European Champions 2010 and 2011 and broonz medailist 2012.

Also on the program (Sunday 12.00-18.00)

  • Children theatre Krabice-Teplice
  • Children drive on mucher's car
  • Games for children with sweet bonuses
  • Kan Jam contest for children
  • Sheep hearding
  • Dogdancing
  • Polic dog show
  • and much more!

Food and drinks 24h, many shops with dog's equipment and frisbees

Entry FREE!

Detailed shedule HERE

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