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:: Partners of 7th Open Czech Discdog Championship

If you are interested in partnership, sponsoring or promoting your products by placing the sales booth in the festival area please contact us. We will be pleased to suit your needs and requirements.


:: Contact

Marek Lehuta

Tel.: +420 774882712

E-mail: lehuta@discdog.cz


Purina Dog Chow

Purina DogChow - top quality dog food manufacturer


Časopis Psí sporty

Psí sporty - famous Czech dogsport magazine


Green dog

Green dog - System for transporting dogs by car GreenDog outdoor dog's gear



HAINZ - Exclusive supplier of cups and clothes for Open Czech Discdog Championship and Dog Chow DiscDog Cup.



Super ZOO - all for pets


WC servis

WC servis - mobile toilets rent to manage hygiene at work, sports or cultural and social events.



DogShop.cz - dog discs seller


Exo Eko

Exo Eko - your supplier of pet supplies


Český kynologický svaz

Český kynologický svaz - Czech kennel club


Zero DC

Zero DC








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